The halbersbacher privathotels gmbh are a results-driven company. By this we do not mean “profit-oriented”; quite the contrary, we consider corporate profits to be a (logical) byproduct of “proper” work. To achieve results, we discuss and analyze the information available free of any prejudice. We will hear and follow the most convincing argument (and therefore the most likely to produce the desired result most effectively), no matter whether it was brought forward by an apprentice or a managing owner. Our employees can and should be an active part in the continuous improvement of our product and offerings.
We are looking for bright minds with loyal and decent characters, who are passionate about transforming and improving things without having to deal with frustrating company politics. Consequently, we are different in one other important aspect: We are interested in you as a person and not so much in your past or formal training/education. Similarly, we do not care about your grades from 10, 20 or 30 years ago or whether you are a carpenter, office clerk or painter. If you think that you could add to any of our hotels in particular or halbersbacher privathotels in General, we look forward to receiving your application. Please send this to

Below you will find our current openings for the halbersbacher parkhotel biedenkopf. We look forward to receiving an application from you!